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Bonnie Bennett 5.18 Resident Evil 

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What I don’t understand is why Kol didn’t come to Bonnie. She’s the Anchor, and can see those whom have died so long as they’re supernatural and haven’t actually gone over. Obviously Kol hasn’t if he and Matt can have a fucking heart to heart. 

Just another Kennett scene wasted.

Really? Bonnie is supposed to trust Jeremy who cheated on her before, lied to her, chose Liv’s side over hers once already - lied to her again about Liv being there and to trust Liv? The woman who tricked Bonnie and tried to kill Elena.


Would anyone be interested in a verse based off of Mr & Mrs Smith? Forewarning, it may not be here.

Let's get Matt Davis to be a guest at the Creations Vamire Diaries Con!